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MPEG-2 encoder library optimized for DM642 EVM capable of real-time D1 3. Figure 2. Framework Flowchart for MPEG-2 Encoder. The demonstration uses. The D9054 Encoder supports multiple audio formats, MPEG-1 Layer II audio, Dolby Encoding rate. 4:2:0. VBR – 3 - 20 Mb/s for 720p and 1080i @ Main Profile. For video assets, the integrated MPEG encoder outputs an MPEG-2 video stream with a closed 4:3: This aspect ratio is only available for SD video assets.

MPEG-2. Video Encoder. MPEG-1 La y er 2. A udio Encoder. RS Terminal Server Video in. CVBS or Y/C. Audio. 1 & 2 in. Local. Management. RS232. 3 User.